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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ahora 17: May

May is such a great month for me. It means warmer temperatures, flowers in full bloom, celebrating the amazing women in my life, opening up the pool, a long weekend away, and celebrating our anniversary. 

Here's what is on my radar this month. 

I joined up with a challenge group that is mixing wellness goals with a book club model. This book is what we're reading. Admittedly, I am an emotional eater. I'm looking forward to reading her take on the subject.

Sesame almond maple crisps. The SeƱor and I paid a visit to the Second Street Bakery, where they have the most delightful cookie. They're made with sesame seeds, almonds, and maple syrup; I think that's it. When we go, we buy whatever they have left. They're delicious!

Applying for...
Global Entry. With all of the news reports about lines and stress at the airports this summer, we decided to apply for Global Entry. If you're approved, you are included in the TSA PreCheck program as well. In my opinion, the convenience makes it worth the $100. 

New strategies in English language learning. May is the month for the annual MATSOL conference

The Massachusetts Educators of English Language Learners is an organization that promotes excellence and equity in the education of English learners. It's a nice opportunity to connect with other educators, learn promising practices (as keynote Sonia Nieto calls them) and recharge the vision. 

Thinking about...
Adding a CELTA certification. I am certified in ESL and in English, but I do not have a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language. It seems that CELTA is the gold standard in TOEFL certifications, and as luck would have it, there's a program in Boston. This could open new options. We'll see. 

How to get into the online adjunct pool. Any tips? 

A winter parka, heavy sweaters, and rain gear. I'm ready for Spring. Now that we're approaching the second week in March May, I think it's a reasonable request. I mean no disrespect to areas that are suffering from drought, but we're all set for a while. 


Also on my radar...

What's happening ahora in your world? 


  1. Always look forward to Ahora Time, like catching up over a cup of tea or glass of wine. Excited that you are always looking at ideas and opportunities, and the CELTA seems a worthwhile look. The cookie crisps look delicious! Global Entry seems a smart idea to me and saving you lots of time and otherwise in your travels. Hope you have a wonderful Florida trip. Looking forward to your Spain and Portugal trip too... and finally, Happy Anniversary to Kelly and the Senor!

    1. It feels like a coffee catch up to me too, Peggy. So much to look forward to...what fun things await you this summer?