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Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekending: Hemingway, Toast, and Mother's Day

We had great plans to go out on Friday night, but with the rain and long week behind us, we opted to stay local, shop for a new laptop for the Señor, and have dinner at one of our local old-school favorites. 

Saturday found us running errands, like getting one of the cars serviced and getting the food shopping done for the week. 

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the BirchTree Bread Company, a wonderful local bakery that specializes in all things toast and coffee. The bakery is located in a great old building that houses a weekend farmers' market and the cutest collection of curated boutique items, antiques and handmade goodies. 

A lovely courtyard for al fresco enjoyment. 

The Señor tried an olive and herb toast spread with whipped feta and drizzled with olive oil...SO good!! 

I had my regular: local wheat toast with cultured butter, local honey, and sea salt. 

Then, it was a movie for date night, and we opted for the biographical drama, Papa: Hemingway in Cuba. 

Yesterday began with some playtime with Gracie. 

Then, we had the wonderful opportunity to take my parents and my mother-in-law out for lunch in honor of Mother's Day. 

We went to a traditional Portuguese restaurant, featuring food from Portugal and the Azores. The Señor and I had been there before, but it was a first for our parents. The restaurant and staff did not disappoint, and we all had a great time. 

Appetizers of cured cheese and prosciutto and 
above that, morcela (blood sausage) with sweet potato.
My husband and father took care of the's not for me. 

Grilled octopus was one of the entrees. I opted for arroz marisco...a Portuguese paella of sorts.

Mom and me doing our annual backseat selfie. 

Backseat selfies with my mother-in-law. 

My Mom and Dad. 

I'm still my Dad's girl. 

An emotional mother and her son. 

And one with my Señor. 

And after what feels like weeks of rain, the sun came out, which seems to have brought a strong, cold wind. I'm grateful nonetheless because it was a lovely weekend, indeed. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Hi Kelly, looks like a lovely weekend, a Happy Mother's Day for the Moms and to you wonderful Auntie for all you inspire in your niece's life. Your breakfast, and then Sunday lunch at the Portuguese restaurant look delicious. So happy the rain has subsided a bit- though I could have nixed the wind. I prepared dinner for Mom and Aunt Betty, and Bob's Dad joined us, it was more relaxing,the food was better,and a longer visit together with antipasti, mustard shrimp,French style fresh flounder in shrimp stock, wine, butter, crab cakes, multi colored mini potatoes, and cucumber salad. Peach Pie for dessert. All in all a busy, but nice day! Have a great week.

    1. It sounds like you had a wonderful dinner. Everything sounds delicious and it sounds like you all had a great day. Have a good week, Peggy.

  2. I love courtyards like that - so fresh and inviting! The food you had this weekend was amazing - I'm so happy the sun is out now!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. Thank goodness for the sun; it does the heart good. :-) Have a great week, Biana.

  3. That bakery sounds awesome! I love supporting local businesses.

    1. I do too, Darcy. We shop local whenever possible.

  4. Looks like you had a good weekend, I love family time! I'm definitely adding Birch Tree Bread Co to my list for next time I'm in Worcester!

  5. I think that's the prettiest presentation of octopus I've ever seen!