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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Coffee Catch Up

Good morning! Happy Thursday! I have my morning coffee. 
Let's catch up.

It's been a while, but not for lack of effort. 

Last Friday, I was called for an interview. Let me back up. 

Over the last year and a half, I have been working toward adding ESL (English as a Second Language) to my teaching license. I am already certified to teach English, from grades 5-12, but I wanted this additional license in the hopes of securing an ESL position for this upcoming school year. 

And so in November, I took and passed my state licensing exam and this spring, completed an internship that would complete my license. 

Okay, so last Friday, I was interviewed and later that day, offered an elementary ESL position in a nearby district. I am so heart could burst. 

BUT, we're leaving today for Spain and this was leaving one week to get everything done. 

So on Monday, I began packing up and moving out of the classroom I have had for the last nine years. This is bittersweet. I am thrilled for this new opportunity, but it's hard to leave the community where I have so many wonderful friends and colleagues.

I had to tell my administrators (who were always incredibly supportive and knew I was actively seeking this new path) and get the administrative pieces completed in the new meeting with Human Resources to sign a contract and other paperwork, finalize my license, get a physical and fingerprints and resign my current position...all before today.

And so I did. 

I spoke with my administrators and moved out on Monday, had my physical on Tuesday, and got fingerprinted and finalized my license yesterday. And amid all of this, resigned and signed my new paperwork.

I need a nap. Seriously.

And now, today is fly day. 

I am mostly packed. 

I am planning to have breakfast with my Mom and Dad before running last minute errands, like picking up my international driver's license and buying Euros. We leave for the airport at 1:00. No worries. Everything in time, my Dad says. He's right.

We don't have wifi at the house, so August is sure to be spotty, as far as updates go. In finishing my summer classes and getting a new job, there's been little time or focus to schedule posts. But, as time and wifi signal allows, I will update, most likely through Instagram, so if you're not following me, you can follow me here

So, hasta luego, mis amigos. Have a wonderful rest of your week. 

We will catch up soon. 


  1. Congratulations! This is a great thing, enjoy it fully :)

  2. Hi visiting from NEB! Whew! Sounds like you have quite a lot done and more to accomplish, good luck! Cute article, lol.

  3. Congratulations on the new job! How exciting! And at least the interview/rush was before you left the country! (We've had a few trips that we were worried would be interrupted by job mess...)

  4. I'm really happy for you Kelly, and what a relief to get everything finished before leaving for Spain! I look forward to seeing your updates on Instagram. Safe travels and have a wonderful time!

  5. Safe travels buddy! How exciting all of your recent events are! My oldest son is kind of in the same position. He accepted a new teaching job just this week in his wife's home town. This means not only resigning his current position and all that entails with his new position, they have to sell their home and move hundreds of miles before the school year starts LOL! Oh to be young again. Off to make sure I follow you on IG!

  6. How exciting but also lots that needed to get done. Glad everything worked out! Have fun!

  7. Congratulations! Enjoy your trip!!

  8. Congratulations! That sounds like a great position! I hope you celebrate on your trip and have a wonderful time.

  9. Congratulations and best wishes on the new job!!

  10. So excited for you, in both of your endeavors - your new teaching position AND Spain! :)