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Monday, August 4, 2014

Ahora 3: August

Is it August already?

I love seeing what others are up to every month and the items that cross their radar. Naturally, I thought it would be fun to do my own.

Ahora, meaning Now in Spanish, is a monthly series that gives you the highlights of what's going on in my life each month.

August is a great month.
  • Local produce is at its tastiest here in New England. You can eat your weight in tomatoes and corn and whatever else you crave.
  • There is less traffic as people enjoy much deserved vacation time.
  • Back to school means new starts...more chances to change your life for the better.

What I'm reading...
  • Paris Letters...One woman's journey from the fast lane to the slow stroll.
  • All things ESL...I'm starting a new position this year and I am reading as much as I can to supplement my own professional development.

And my favorite blogs this month:
  • Snow in Tromso...the adventures of Van, a German girl who wants to move to the Arctic. Fascinating!
  • Sunshine and Siestas...follow Cat, a Chicago girl and the love of her life in Seville, Spain. 

What I'm watching

  • Spanish TV. There's no English TV outside of cable here, so it's all Spanish all the time. And some Gallego too. 

What I'm eating
I'm in Spain right now, so I'm eating the best that Galicia has to offer, including
  • Pimientos de Padrón--These tiny green peppers are fried in olive oil until their skins blacken, and are then dusted in sea salt. They appear as tapas and are also sold by the bagfuls at the markets. Most of them are mild, but every once in a while, you get a hot one. "Los pimientos dePadrón, unos pican y outros non"..."Peppers of Padrón, some of them hot, and others not." 

  • Empanadas. In Galicia, empanadas are not like the stuffed meat pies associates with Latin and Asian cuisine. Empanadas in Galicia are like giant round calzones, stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables. They are found at ferias (markets) and at festivals. This one, below, was stuffed with mussels.
  • Seafood. Galicia is coastal, marked by quaint fishing ports and towns where you get just-off-the-boat seafood, like these mussels 

What I'm drinking
  • Albariño. Check out this crisp white Galician wine at your local wine store. Chilled or used in sangria, it's perfect for hot summer nights. 
  • Sweet red vermouth on ice with a twist of lemon. Martini and Rossi on ice...that's nice! 

What I'm wearing
  • Layers. At the house, because we're coastal, there is a consistent cool sea breeze, which is delightful. I always have a long-sleeve or hoodie close-by. But down on the beach and in town, it's still summer. Layers are a least for me.  

What I'm doing
  • Traveling! While we are in Spain, we travel, exploring Galicia, other parts of Spain and maybe Portugal, which is south of us. Stay tuned. 
  • Celebrating my Dad, who's birthday falls later this month.

      What I'm listening to...
      • All Spanish...all the time (well, mostly.)
      • Gallego, the Galician language.
      • The blessed to be so close. 

      Our beach, where we do our morning walks and sit near at night for wine or coffee or a caña. 

      Making my heart smile
      • I was offered a new teaching position in a nearby district. I resigned my middle school English position to teach elementary ESL (English as a Second Language) to third and fourth graders. I am so heart could burst. I will miss my friends and colleagues dearly, but this is where my heart is, and I need to follow my heart.

      My goals for LAST month
      • Write a media kit and order my business cards. Nope...still working on it.
      • Create a fall editorial calendar. Meh...the job thing got the best of me.
      • Finish my online grad class....Another 6 post-Masters credits DONE! 

      My goals for this month
      • Write my lesson plans for the first couple of weeks at school.
      • Unpack and set up my new classroom.
      • Register for two more grad classes to get to Masters plus fifteen credits and a salary lane change.
      • Publish consistently throughout September and beyond.

      And there you have it...what is happening Ahora in my world. 

      Your turn...what is happening in your world these days?


      1. Less traffic (aka vacation time) is the best time of the year here!! I understand.

        ESL - is that English as second language?

        1. Yes, Stephanie. ESL is English as a second language. I'm excited. :-)

      2. Loving all of your Spanish Ahoras! I can't wait to hear more when you get back.

        1. Thank you, Steph. :-) So many ideas are floating around...I need to wrangle them in and get started.

      3. I am definitely going to check out the Alborino wine! Yum!

        1. I love it. It's clean and crisp. I hope you like it. :-)

      4. All the food you have been eating looks amazing! Your life in Spain seems pretty awesome, I am jealous!

        1. Hi MacKenzie. :-) It is a good life. Consider putting Galicia on your travel bucket list. Thank you for stopping by!