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Friday, November 16, 2012

London...Friday Photo Flashback

Hello, friends! Recently, Thanksgiving has been a time for travel for us, but this year, we're staying put. Thanksgiving at home is bittersweet. We love our families, but we also love to travel, and Europe in the fall is simply lovely. So today, I  am digging through the photo gallery for a Friday Photo Flashback.

Off we go . . .to London . . .

First stop . . . Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery of Art. The sun was setting when I took this picture. I like the post-card-like quality of the shot.

Westminster Abbey was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. As an English teacher, seeing Poets' Corner was especially exhilarating for me, matched only by seeing the Globe Theatre. And, knowing the history makes it all come to life. A true field trip of a lifetime.

The iconic Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. What a treat! When you go, just for fun, call someone near the time Big Ben is set to chime.

Perhaps the highlight of the entire trip, was seeing my all time favorite show, Les Miserables, in London, where it all started. AND, as if that wasn't good enough, I was lucky enough to score second row seats . . .in the pit. Thank you, Expedia.

No trip to London is complete without some foodie fun. In addition to the hundreds of comfy gastro pubs and amazing Indian cafes, the food halls at Harrod's is a must see for any food enthusiast.

Of course, London has so much to see and so many photo-ops to be had. Seeing St. Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye, the Tower of London (with the Crown Jewels) and Buckingham Palace is a must on any tour of the city. And a Jack-the-Ripper tour offers some creepy, nighttime fun.

So, that's it . . .this week's Friday Photo Flashback. Off to check airfares for an adventure in 2013. . . that is, if the Mayans were wrong. Here's hoping. Cheers!

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