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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Always Monday Morning, Even on Tuesday

Everyone has a favorite holiday. For many, it's Thanksgiving because it's all about the food and family, without the pressure of shopping for gifts.

For others, it's all things Christmas . . .the lights, the carols, the wrapping. Well, maybe not the wrapping...

And then there's the Halloween lovers, who revel in black cats, witches on broomsticks and miniature extortionists who demand candy as payment for the threat of neighborhood mischief-making.

For me, it's all about New Year's Day. I love January 1st. For a long time, I would go to the beach and cleanse my hands in the frigid New England Atlantic in reflection and atonement for the sins of the past year. January makes me giddy with excitement of all that can be. It's a new slate on which I can write my goals, hopes and dreams for the future.

Like New Year's Day, Monday mornings bring a similar excitement. Every Monday is a chance to start anew. Diets typically start on Mondays, a detox from the culinary debauchery of the weekend before. Workouts are popular Monday activities, with the vow that this would be the one, the time for you to get your fitness on. Meatless Monday seems to be a given, but what about Tofu Tuesday? Just kidding...

But what I've learned is that it's all about readiness. And readiness can happen on a Tuesday as well as on a Monday. Or a Wednesday. Or even a Friday.

Ground zero is ground zero. Babies aren't born only on Mondays; why should your life begin again only on a Monday? Every day is ground zero. Every day is a new day to plan and achieve your goals.

What is it you want to do? What's stopping you? Are you ready? I mean, really ready? Only you know. And no one can force you. You have to want it for you. Wanting it for someone else is nice, but you need to want it for you. It is all about you. Accept it. Embrace it.

Achieving a goal, whether it's a goal related to weight loss, fitness, education, your career, travel, you name it . . .it all takes time. And planning. And commitment. 

Every life is gifted with only so many Monday mornings. What if you ran out of Mondays? 

I'm not saying that Monday is a bad day to start anything. Monday makes a lot of sense. But don't put it off thinking there's always next Monday. There could be, but then you've lost a week. What is stopping your success from starting on a Thursday?

I don't need to tell you . . . life is short. We are bombarded with that message every day. As my mom always says, tomorrow is promised to no one.

Today is your Monday morning. Even though it's Tuesday. Make it count.


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  1. It is best to live each day as if it were your last because one day it will be. Interesting take on Mondays. I had never thought about it but you are right! People tend to start stuff on Mondays.