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Friday, December 30, 2022

Welcome Back! Let's Get Reacquainted.


Happy New Year...almost. 

I have my coffee and if you're new here, welcome. 

A little about me...

  • I'm Kelly (she/her.) I'm a happily married Gen-Xer and dog-mom to our (now senior) pup named Gracie. 
  • I'm an INFJ and a HSP. 
  • I'm politically liberal.
  • I gravitate toward nature-based spirituality and I embrace the hippie-crone qualities of my personality and this stage of life. If I attend services, it's at our local UU church.
  • I'm an educator, a copywriter and a community builder

Some of my favorite things...
  • travel and exploration
  • spring and fall
  • being outside in nature
  • cooking (and some baking)
  • early mornings and sunset's golden hour
  • face time with friends and family (and video calls with those far away)
  • local farms and fresh local produce
  • videos of animals, like a panda enjoying a delicious piece of squash
  • reading and writing
  • winter solstice and the rest and stillness of winter
  • fresh sheets and flannel sheets in the winter
  • time by the sea
  • village life
  • my denim overalls, great graphic tees, long cardigans, a warm beanie, pajamas and slippers, my Birks and Bean boots
  • John Denver, Abba, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Franti, acoustic guitar, 60s/70s folk, 70s/80s rock, and 90s alt-rock
  • experiences over stuff
  • dates with my husband
  • Les Miserables, Wicked, Mama Mia
  • Starbucks "medicine balls" (which I make at home)
  • my morning routine
  • Buddha bowls and poke bowls
  • haircut day...very important for maintaining my pixie
  • opening the windows to air out the house
  • afternoon walks with Gracie
  • shoulder-season travel
  • fireplaces and fairy lights
  • decluttering 

I will always say no to...

Haricot verts, offal, clutter, smoking, dishonesty, mean-spiritedness, food waste...any waste, apathy, injustice, intolerance. 

Where to now?

I'm not sure, but it feels good to be writing again. 

Tell me more about you. What do we have in common? From where in the world are you reading? What are some of your favorite things?

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