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Friday, April 1, 2016

Ahora 16: April

I have a hard time finding fiction that I like, but I have had recent luck. After reading and loving The Rosie Project and its sequel, The Rosie Effect, I decided to try another work of fiction. 

I am completely enthralled by Anita Diamant's The Boston Girl. I am listening to the audio book, read by Linda Lavin, and I feel like I am sitting at Addie's feet, listening to her story. This may become a new favorite. 

A Bullet Journal...I love lists and rather than starting various lists on single sheets of paper, I decided to combine everything into one book. Some of it is practical and some of it is fanciful, but it's all mine and I'm having a lot of fun. 

A lot of tea. Bigelow's Mint Medley is my new favorite. I'm a two-bag per cup drinker. My mom tells me that I'm wasting a bag and I should just leave one bag in for a longer time, but it's just not strong enough, so in go two bags, and a bit of honey.  

My weight in asparagus. I have been roasting asparagus at least once a week, and tonight, I discovered that I don't like white asparagus; it's just too corky. I drizzle it with olive oil and then sprinkle it with fresh pepper and Himalayan salt, and then I roast it at 400 for about 15 minutes. In the summer, I grill it. 

Six graduate credits. I am one major project and one section of a module away from completion. In two weeks, the spring semester will be over and I can start planning ahead for summer fun. 

Then there's Gracie...

I am still working on my push goal and I am one giant step closer, but there are still a few variables that need to fall into place. Please continue to send positive energy my way. 

That's what's going on in my world these days. 
How about you? What is happening ahora in your world?


  1. I am really into tea right now and that one you've been drinking sounds great!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love asparagus! I've been making it a lot.

    Also love mint tea and really enjoyed Boston Girl.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love a strong cup of tea, my recent favorite is rose tea with honey and lemon. So goood.

    I have trouble finding fiction I like too, but I've been hearing good things about the Rosie Project! Right now I'm reading Ready Player One and it is so fun!