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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gap Year Gift Guide

Graduation season has just about passed and many grads are preparing for what comes next. 

No doubt, most high school graduates follow the path directly into college, university, the military, or to work. But more and more, graduates and even more established workers are taking a gap year or a career break to travel the world and to explore different career options. 

According to the American Gap Association (Who knew this even existed?), there are various reasons why people decide to take a break, but overwhelmingly  people choose a gap year for personal development and to expand their life experience.  This seems obvious. 

There are benefits, academic and otherwise, to taking a gap year or a career break. For starters, those who return to university are likely to return more invested because they are actively choosing to participate in their education and not going simply because it is expected. 

Those who travel during their gap year or sabbatical will return with more empathy as a global citizen. They may be better able to problem solve or to collaborate. They may come back bilingual, or with an enhanced skill set that makes them more marketable. 

Do you know someone who is taking a break to travel the world? Try to be supportive of their choice and make plans to stay in touch. 

In the meantime, if you're looking for something to send with them, here are some ideas that may come in handy on their journey. 

I would love to say that I am an Amazon affiliate, and that I could make money by suggesting these things, but these are just items I thought could be helpful to someone as they take to the road or things I have used myself or would like to try. 

1. A backpack cover to protect packs from the rain. 2. A sleep sack 3. A travel safe

4. A Jackery Portable Charger (my husband and I both have these and love them. 

5. A Kindle or other tablet loaded up with guide books, maps, or whatever he or she likes 

to read.   6. A travel towel

Still looking for ideas?

How about a Eurail pass or a gift certificate to Tinggly?

Whether you're gifting for someone embarking on a gap year or a sabbatical, or you're someone who loves new travel gear yourself, this gift guide may spark some new ideas. 

What would you recommend to someone taking off on a round-the-world trek? Inspire me. 


  1. Gap years sound like an enriching idea, I kind of wish i did one!

  2. My daughter is considering a gap year and there are some excellent programs available for this sort of thing. They are traveling, internship, volunteering, and inspiration driven. Wish I'd done it. :) Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the gift guide - very useful as I know a few people who can use this! I have got to think of an appropriate gift for someone who will be leaving college in the nest year or so - you have got me thinking!

  4. Awesome gift guide Kelly. Portable charger is always a great thing to have. I could name so many times my phone has died when I wanted to take pictures.

  5. Thanks, Jazmine! I LOVE my Jackery and so does my husband. It's fabulous!

  6. Or a Kindle with Amazon gift cards. :-) Nothing is worse than wet gear, so the cover is a must.

  7. I wish I had too, Tara. It's never too late for a career break though. :-)

  8. I wish I had too, Nikki. It's never too late for a career break though. :-)