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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ezaro: Waterfalls to the Sea in Galicia, Spain

In the Galician coastal village of Dumbria, in the province of A Coruña, on Spain's Death Coast, is an attraction unique to Europe. 

The waterfalls of Ezaro, or Cascada Ezaro, located at the foot of Mount Pindo, are fed by the River Xallas the largest river feeding waterfalls that empty into the Atlantic Ocean. Scotland and some of the fjords in Norway have similar streams, but these are said to be the largest. 

Small, but scenic, the road to the top of the Mirador, or lookout point, has a 30 degree gradient. It's not long, only a bit over a mile (1.9 km) but it is steep, seeing over an 800 feet (250 meters) difference in that short distance, averaging a 13-29% gradient. 

Even more remarkable was the fact that part of the Vuelta a España, a multiple stage bicycle race, took on this road as part of its tour, making it one the steepest roads a Spanish bike ever taken on in a road race. 

The views at the top are grand and the sunsets, spectacular. Sadly, once we got to the top on this day, we were in a cloud of fog. But we took advantage of a photo with the family, nonetheless. 
La familia

On a clear day, you can see the Cape of Finisterre, the beach at Carnota, and Corcubion Bay.  Here is one visitor's trek up the road to the top to capture sunset. It's gorgeous!

Visitors can walk close the falls on tiered wooden walkways, with various lookout points that make fun photo opps. 

And rocks along the bank of the river where you can climb and explore. 

But no swimming. 

There is a small river delta and marina before the river hits the beach.

And there are places for picnicking along the river's shore. 

The Falls at Ezaro, or Cascada Ezaro, may be unknown outside of Spain, or even outside of Galicia, but they made for a lovely after-siesta walk and a place to explore some of the natural beauty this region has to offer. 

What is one area of your world, virtually unknown to most, but worth a visit and some exploration?


  1. Gorgeous! I never knew Spain had this amazing waterfall. I wonder why you can't swim in that water? I would love to! lol Thanks for linking up on Travel Tuesday :)

  2. What a beautiful site and great photos.

  3. Wow Kelly this place is just gorgeous. What a natural wonder of a waterfall, a lovely place to explore and to have a picnic too. Love these Galicia stories and photographs which give a glimpse into unique places often unknown, much appreciated.

  4. Those falls are stunning Kelly!

  5. What is it about waterfalls that's just so magical? Even better when there's a nice boardwalk to get there...! I love local spots, nothing beats getting away from the crowds and finding somewhere that suits you perfectly.

  6. This is that kind of place, Rachel. I don't know that it's very well known outside of the area, but it is just lovely. I love water, be it ocean, river, or waterfall. You're right; there is an element of magic and renewal.

  7. I thought so too, Rebecca. It was a fun place to explore.

  8. Thank you, Peggy. I don't know that it's very well known outside of the area, but it is just lovely. I discover new favorite places every time we go.

  9. Thank you, Kerry. I don't know that it's very well known outside of the area, but it is just lovely. It's a great locale for an after-siesta hike.

  10. I'm guessing you can't swim because of the current, but I'm not sure. Thank you for the opportunity to link up. :-)

  11. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful place to visit.