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Monday, January 19, 2015

Ahora 8: January and an announcement

Is it still okay to say Happy New Year? Happy New Year anyway!

  • I have joined the Beach Body family as a new coach and I couldn't be more excited. As someone who is continually working on my own health, fitness and wellness, I am thrilled for the opportunity to share my journey with others and help them along their journey. Through monthly challenges and personal coaching, I will try to inspire others to achieve their own personal bests. 
  • If you have ever thought about a similar path and are interested in becoming a coach yourself, or, if you just want someone to walk the walk with you, get in touch with me at or connect with me through my coaching page and find out more about coaching and the benefits of helping others achieve more. I would love to build my team and give you the opportunity to build yours as well. 

  • Since I am embarking on new adventures, I am working on some professional development, starting with The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy. 

  • In the introduction, life coach, Anthony Robbins, cites his mentor, Jim Rohn, "If you want greater success, help others achieve more." It's's all about community and lifting up others. 

Figuring out...
  • My FitBit
  • My Beach Body website
  • My upcoming pieces for this space here
  • How to migrate over to WordPress seamlessly
  • When I will get my media kit completed

  • of my goals is to get in 100 oz. of water every day. Some days I fall short, but overall, I'm drinking more water and that does my body good...especially in these dry, winter months. 

  • Trying to eat cleaner, less processed food. Trying to eat my protein first. I'm not cutting anything out, but trying to eat less junk. One day at a time.

Smiling about
  • New opportunities for personal and professional growth. 
  • Working with my trainer again after a brief hiatus.
  • Seeing the progress my students have made as we give them their annual assessment.
  • Teaching my blogging class, which was picked up for the spring at the local continuing ed program.
  • A French macaron making class I am taking this spring. C'est magnifique!
  • My husband's push outside his own comfort zone and the opportunities he is creating for himself.
  • My Patriots are going to Super Bowl XLIX! Go Pats!

Well, that's about it. 

What's happening ahora in your world?


  1. That is so cool your teaching a blogging class, haha!

  2. Wonderful things happening and so happy for you Kelly! Best Wishes in All! Hugs.

  3. So much going on, congrats! A blogging class? How fun!

  4. Thank you, Peggy! Fingers crossed. Hugs to you.

  5. Also not cutting anything out - that's the surest way for me to fail! But working hard on eating well 90% of the time.

    Good luck on all of your new ventures!

  6. How awesome, Kelly, Congrats. Wished you lived by me and you can coach me. LOL, I love to workout but something I don't get to do my workout everyday at least 5 days a week.

  7. Thank you so much! You can join one of my challenges anytime. I would be thrilled to coach you. Email me anytime at and I can send you more information. :-)

  8. Thank you so much, Esther. I am thrilled for this opportunity, both as a participant and as a coach.

  9. Thank you, Steph. Having a treat now and then is enough to sustain me as well. It has to be a lifestyle, and not a diet. Good luck to you as well!

  10. So proud of you! and GO PATS

  11. Congrats Kelly, coaching sounds something you'd be really good at. I am so jealous that you're taking a class to make french macarons. They're my absolutely favorite.

  12. Bonne chance with the macaroon making class! I've heard they're super difficult to make, it should be an awesome challenge.

  13. Congratulations, a new opportunity is certainly something to smile about! I hear you on the migrating to WP woes- if I didn't have my husband, I'm sure I would still be blogging on He help me out soooo much.
    Ahora for blog design :) :) Trying to narrow down where I want to travel to in the coming months, feeling more optimistic about life in general, getting over a cough/cold that wants to linger forever.

  14. Congrats on your new coaching position! Sounds like you've got a lot of great things on the horizon for this year :) I've always wanted to take a macaron making class - they're my favorite desserts!

  15. Thanks, Jazmine! That class should be a lot of fun. :-) I'm looking forward to it. I love them too.

  16. Merci, Ashley! That class should be a lot of fun. :-) I'm looking forward to it. I've heard they're difficult too...we shall see. Maybe they're better bought as a special treat.

  17. Thanks, Christy! I love the new and Andy have done a beautiful job! Kudos!

  18. Thank you, Courtney. I am excited for all of the new opportunities. The macaron should be a lot of fun. :-) I'm looking forward to it. I love them too.

  19. I have complete confidence that they'll turn out great!

  20. Good luck on your new journey. My hubby and I did Insanity last winter and although it kicked our butts, it was such a great workout! Also, we were in Vegas during the Beachbody coach workshop last fun to people watch and see all the fit and healthy one of the most gluttonous cities in America. :)
    Also, I have revamping my blog and chose the same theme you did....great minds, huh?!? Let me know if you have any techy tips!

  21. Thank you, Amanda! They have so many great programs. I'm doing a 21-day Fix starting on February 2nd, if you want in. :-)
    Kudos on the new theme! Make sure it's platform friendly...I'm on Blogger, so I needed a blogger friendly theme. It should be pretty easy to upload. Good luck!

  22. Congrats on becoming a coach! It sounds great and I've actually thought about doing something like that too! Id love to take one of your writing classes! If only I lived closer.

  23. Thank you, Jill. If you are interested in coaching, friend me on Facebook and I can add you to a coaching sneak peek, where you can learn more. And, if you're ready to give coaching a try, join my team. :-) You can help others reach their goals, get your own programs at a discount, and join an amazing network of like minded people. :-)