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Thursday, April 18, 2013

3 Kick-A** Videos Worth Your Time

Good morning, friends. Today, it's all about the video. Here are three that have crossed my radar recently and they are all definitely worth a look.

1. How to Be Alone


This is a kick-a** video because it speaks to the beauty of "alonedom", something society fears, says poet Andrea Dorfman. It doesn't speak to a lack of connectedness, but rather peace within oneself. Be patient.
2.  Evolution of a Model
This kick-a** video is a keeper, especially if you have important young women in your life. Often, we take for granted the beauty of those showcased in magazines, on runways and in photos. Thank you, Dove, for demonstrating the "art" brought about through airbrushing and photo re-touching.
3. Dove Real Beauty Sketches...How would you describe yourself? Is it comparable to how others would describe you?
The folks at Dove hit another home run with their latest video about self perception. This kick-a** video has gone viral on Facebook, but it's worth a would you describe yourself? Is it how others see you?
Happy Thursday, friends. Be gentle with yourself on your journey. Believe in your beauty and your goodness and your ability to accomplish great things.
Un beso.

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