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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Make it yours!

The new week, and a new month is upon us. Go back to January 1st. What were those goals you planned for the year? What were those promises you made to yourself?

How are you doing with them? Do you need to revisit them? Tweak them?

It's not too late. Every morning that you wake up is the opportunity to start over.

Did you eat too much yesterday? Today is a new day.

No time, energy, motivation, whatever . . . to exercise yesterday? Today is a new day.

Forget your vitamins? Not drink enough water? Get to bed too late? Not get that "must-do" item off your to-do list?  It's not too late. Start today.

Today is your day. A do-over. A chance to get out there and make your day a kick-ass day.

This is your life. When all is said and done, despite the energy and interactions with others, it's yours and your choices are yours. It's not too late.

But you are exchanging a day of your life for whatever choices you make today.

Today is a new day! Make it yours and make it fabulous!


  1. Love this post. Yes, I have stuck to my goal so far this month. Eating a low-carb diet and counting my calories - so determined to lose the weight this year. If I do slip up some days, I am using the motto of get back on the wagon the next day (a "new" day as you said). I am trying to not be hard on myself as much this year and let things roll and see where they land. Thanks for the reminder that this is my life and to make the very best I can.

  2. Love your post. I didn't really set any goals at the beginning of the year. I am just drifting along although I love the idea of "wake up, kick ass, repeat." That sounds like a plan!