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Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby, it's cold . . .

True to January tradition in the northeast, it's snowing. It's cold, it's getting dark, and it's time to nest. What to do? Try this . . .

1. Canoodling. Grab a blanket big enough to share, snacks and beverages of your choice, and snuggle in front of the tv, jazz on the left side of the radio dial, or simply by candlelight.

2. Feed the wanderlust. Go online and plan your next getaway, even if it's only in your mind. On Pinterest? Create a board, secret or otherwise and feed your need to seek faraway lands.

3. Tapas night. Grab a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, light a candle and enjoy finger foods, which happen to be perfect for feeding to the one you love.

4. Channel your inner kid. Do a jigsaw puzzle, play cards, checkers, strip get the idea.

5. Microwave mug snacks . . .check out this pin I found for those late night cravings.

6. Catch up . . .on magazines, mail, cleaning the junk drawer. Knock off that pain in the a** chore you have put off for far too long. Think of how good you'll feel when you're done.

7. Work up a sweat. Cue up a Zumba workout or center yourself with a yoga class. Then . . .

8. Enjoy a hot shower or a soothing bubble bath. Even better if it's for two.

9. Be informed. Hulu offers scores of great free documentaries online. Find on that interests you and give yourself some great conversation starters.

10. Me time. Daylight savings time is on its way. Most of us "lose" an hour when we spring ahead, but what if you took one hour back? What would you do with your hour? It could be different every day. Maybe it's not one hour a day that you can get, but one hour a week. Make a list of all the things you can do for yourself in one hour.

Regardless of how you nest, the time is yours. Hunker down, get some lovin' and enjoy the stillness of the perfect winter night.



  1. Hi,
    Visiting from NaBloPoMo. Love the pins; I will have to try some of those recipes. The dessert ones look amazing!

  2. Love this, Kelly. Especially, the blanket for two :). Join us over at the Why I Love My Husband link'll go live soon.

  3. Love all of your suggestions! You have inspired me to try some of them out. Made me feel all warm and cozy inside.