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Thursday, November 29, 2012

There are big buts and I cannot lie . . .

What did you want to do this year that just never got done? What were you hoping to start that got pushed onto the back burner? What got in your way? Was it your but?

The end is near. The downhill of the holiday roller coaster is upon us and we are fast approaching the January 1st whiplash turn, or, if the Mayans are right, the end of the world. For many, it's a time to reflect and reassess . . .to set new goals and banish bad habits.

Change is fabulous. It's a way to start fresh and plan for the future. But, one challenge that continues to superimpose its face into the windows of our dreams is our but . . . .the "Yeah, but . . ."  And it's a big one. Big butts may be fine for some folks, but when these buts stand in the way of our dreams, it's time to trim the fat and show them who's boss.

For example, when my husband and I contemplate our desire to travel around-the-world travel, the "Yeah, buts" shake their tail feather right in the face of our dream:

Yeah, I want to travel, but . . .
  • how will we afford this?
  • how will we find the time to do this?
  • our parents are getting older, and you know we can't trust your/my brother(s) to take care of them.
  • what about our retirement income?
  • what happens if we give up our job/house/car and we can't find/get another one easily?
  • what about our friends and family? How will we stay in touch? Our nieces and  nephews are so young. . .will they think we've abandoned them? Forgotten them?
  • what about health insurance? What if we get sick/hurt?
  • what about language barriers? 
  • what about crime? What if it's dangerous?
  • can we make money on the road?
  • what if we lose our passport? get mugged? get killed?

There's countless others that pop up as quickly as one disappears. And many of them are valid. And many become excuses.

When contemplating big change, can you plan enough or can you over-plan? Is there a right time? Can you just throw caution to the wind and just do it?

As 2013 nears, these questions (and more) become knockers on the door of my brain, like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory...

Kelly (knock, knock, knock)
Kelly (knock, knock, knock)
Kelly (knock, knock, knock)
Answer me (knock, knock, knock)
Answer me (knock, knock, knock)
Answer me.

You get the point.

But then there's the wonderful changes that change brings. When it comes to travel, the benefits are endless . . .and when you're blessed to be able to do it with the one you love, what is there to stop you? Only your big but. And maybe a few logistics.

But (here it is again) we're only here for a short time. Do we want our time here to be spent tied to a job/mortgage/debt/lifestyle that keeps us from who we are truly meant to be?

So yes, there are questions and challenges. And there always will be. But, if you don't take a chance on your dream of choice, what's left?



  1. Some people are perfectly happy being where they are and who they are. Some need to get out and see the world! We all just gotta figure out which one we are and then just . . . do it!

  2. I have a big BUT too, yep, there's two of us!!!