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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

We made it through another winter! Cheers to spring!

As a New Englander, most people assume that my favorite season is autumn or the much too brief season of summer, but they're wrong. Nothing is sweeter, for me, than the Spring.

I enjoy the fall, but it leads to winter and winter's lack of light, the added layers, and the biting cold batter me on every level. Through frosted car windows, icy walkways, and snowy cotton-ball covered tree branches, I try to see the beauty of winter for what it is. 

As I get older, I appreciate winter more for its power to slow things down, giving me time to reflect and rejuvenate myself with new goals and experiences that seem to lend themselves to sunnier, warmer days.

The eye-squinting warm spring sunlight makes me giddy like a toddler anticipating a surprise. Fewer layers lighten my body and my spirit. The budding trees that give way to full green foliage causes me to pause and admire in the same way I would stop to admire the changing of colors in the fall. The cooing of mourning doves when I take out Gracie in the early morning light and the buzzing of bees around our budding rhododendron remind me that we're all happy to see Spring arrive, allergy sniffles and all. 

We survived another winter. It's time to step out into the light, stretch, and give thanks for another opportunity to revive and thrive. 

Happy Spring to you!

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