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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My Daily Essentials

Essentials might be a strong word, but nevertheless, there are things we all enjoy having in our lives on a daily basis. They might not be essential in a life-sustaining way, but they make life much more palatable every day. 

1. Coffee 
I'm a hot coffee kind of girl, even when it's 90 degrees. I don't want fancy coffees or even iced coffee first thing in the morning. I need my regular hot black coffee that I make myself and add my own sweetener and favorite creamer. I sit and sip and I may read or watch the news. It's my time and my coffee my way. 

2. My Mac
Since I work online, my computer is non-negotiable. It's how I earn a living. And it gives me an easier platform to monitor travel deals than my phone. But, since all of my devices are Apple products, I enjoy the seamless sync that keeps everything organized. 

3. My Phone
I know it's another tethering device, but it's a convenience item that makes me more time efficient and productive. And I love having a camera and video options so handy. 

4. Snacks and water
I am someone who grazes. I tried the three meal thing, but it's just not for me. Having snacks nearby ensures that I have a healthy option and that I have the opportunity to eat when I'm hungry. Having a refillable water bottle is necessary for the same reasons. 

5. My Sleepy Co-Worker, Gracie
Good for midday snuggles and stand up and play reminders. We all should be so lucky.

6. Blanche
Even though I work from home, my car is necessary for life errands. We don't live in an area with great public transportation, so my car is a lifeline. 

What about you? What are your daily essentials?

Thanks for Steph and Steph for the fun post idea. 

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