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Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday 5: Live Music Experiences that Top My List

As I creep closer to 50, I'm starting to put together lists of life experiences that I don't want to miss, like places to see, concerts to attend, and other treats I have envisioned myself doing at some point in time.

Today, I've been thinking about music. This is not a wish-list because I have had the opportunity to experience a couple of these already, but overall, these are musical experiences I don't want to miss. 

1. Red Rocks, Colorado
This open air amphitheater is about 10 miles outside of Denver and has been known for live recordings, given the unique visual aesthetic of the venue. This year, I am going to a concert at Red! I can't wait! More on that later. 

2. Broadway, NYC
I've seen theatre in the West End of London, but never Broadway, USA and that has to change. I don't know what my first show will be, since there are many that top my list, but before my 50th, I will see a show on Broadway. Frustratingly, theatre in London's West End is more affordable than matinee prices on Broadway. 

3. Open Air Music Festival
The hippie in me loves the idea of a summertime, open air acoustic rock or folk music festivals like the Green River Festival or Fresh Grass Festival. I'm not a die hard though; if it's raining or cold, I'm out. 

4. Les Miserables in London
From the first time I heard the music of Les Miserables, I knew I had to see it live in London, where it all began. For my first time in London, my ticket was in the pit, in the second row, to be exact. The second time, we were in the dress circle; still amazing seats, and worth every pound sterling. 

5. Jimmy Buffett in Key West
For a Parrothead, this is the holy grail. I had the opportunity to see Jimmy Buffett play in the back yard of the host hotel for the annual Meeting of the Minds Parrothead Convention in the early 2000s...2004, maybe. After hearing a rumor that this would be the year he would appear, my friends and I gathered for pre-concert drinks and found our space to wait in the backyard of the Casa Grande Hotel in Key West, Florida. Sure enough, the focus turned to the left of the stage and there he was! He played for almost two hours. It was my one and only MOTM to date, but what an event! Future shows pale in comparison to having a front-row experience in such an intimate setting.

And a 6th for good measure...a summer concert at Tanglewood.
I had the wonderful opportunity to get tickets to John Williams Night at Tanglewood one summer for my husband's birthday. We brought lawn chairs, a blanket, and a picnic basket filled with wine, cheese, a baguette and hors d'oeurves to enjoy under the stars while listening to the iconic scores of composer John Williams. If you're ever in New England in the summertime, this is a fabulous treat! 

What concerts or musical experiences top your list of must-sees?

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