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Monday, February 4, 2019

Decluttering and Moving Forward

Have you started to declutter? Marie Kondo has started a revolution of sorts, first with the book and now the Netflix series about tossing all that does not spark joy.

If you're into thrift shopping, now's the time for you, as Kondo devotees donate their spark-less belongings and clean up their personal clutter.

After Marie Kondo-ing my own clothes and junk drawers, I continued thinking about clutter, both physical and digital. 

I began cleaning up my social media feeds too, unfollowing pages and accounts with whom I really wasn't engaging. What I looked for online and what "sparked joy," I realized, were the people with whom I had made a connection, in real life or online. 

And that brings me here. 

I am so grateful for those I have met through this space. I am grateful for the opportunities that it has afforded me throughout the years. As a result of this space, I have made wonderful friends and shared transformative experiences, and it remains something that, indeed, sparks joy. 

And so it remains.

If you're new here, welcome! Later this week, let's sit for a cup of something and get reacquainted. 

My heart smiles today as I push publish on this post. I hope you'll come back for more. 

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