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Monday, July 24, 2017

Ahora 22: It's Fly Week!

The back to school displays are up and ready for shoppers looking for early savings and I still have summer on the brain because we're leaving for vacation this week. 

We don't have much to do, but perennial vacation tasks are left to the last minute by my procrastinating husband. No problem though...errand dates are fun. 

Here's what's happening ahora, now, in my corner of the world...

Listening to...

Camino Island by John Grisham. I joined Audible on Prime Day and this was the first book I picked. I have read other Grisham books and the plot of this one was intriguing. I'll start it this week. 

Do you have any recommendations for good audio books? The best one I ever listened to was The Boston Girl read by Linda Lavin. She was captivating; I could see every smile...every expression.  

Started reading...
Miracle Morning: by Hal Elrod "The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) I'm a morning person, so this seemed like a natural fit. 

I'm excited for the new Dan Brown book, Origin, to come out. I enjoy the Robert Langdon series and this one is set in Spain, so I'm sure that this one will be a fun quick read too. 

American Ninja Warrior. I am continually inspired by these athletes. I love hearing their stories and seeing how they find strength in this kind of physical challenge, like Jimmy Choi. 

A long summer means more down time, so I have had time for movies and I have seen a few good ones, like...



The Big Sick

Looking forward to...
  • Vacation! 
  • Spending time with my favorite new driver! I can't believe it, but my sixteen-year-old niece is a newly licensed driver...and she flew into town this week with one of her BFFs. I am thrilled for the opportunity to spend time with her and enjoy some fun girl time. 
  • A friend of ours is visiting us for two weeks in Spain this year. It will be fun to show her around our local favorites and maybe find a few new favorites as well.  
  • I will be traveling to northern New Mexico in September before my semester begins. Friends of mine recently bought a second home there, and since our husbands will be back to work by then, we decided to take some time and explore the area around their new home. I have never been to that part of the United States and I'm eager to explore Taos and the Four Corners region. 
  • The new school year! I can't wait to meet my new kids!

The hardest part...
Leaving our girl. She's in great hands with her "godparents" and her dog-BFF, but we'll miss her. 

What's happening ahora in your world? Any book or movie recommendations?

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