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Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday 5: Market Musts When Air BnBing

When you want to live like a local, there's no better way to engage in a new community than by staying in a neighborhood through a house-sit or a home rental, like Air BnB. 

Whenever we visit a new city, one of the places we always visit is the market. I walk through, soaking in local fare, imagining what I would cook if I had a kitchen in my new temporary home. It's fun to plan imaginary menus and consider the dinner parties I would have with my fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

When you're lucky enough to stay in a place with a kitchen, or even with a few kitchen comforts, it's fun to explore the local market and forage for what's fresh and perhaps, unique, to that city. 

Here are five items that we are sure to purchase when we're Air BnBing in a new city. 

In addition to the traditional food items we may buy, we always look for... 

1. Local beer and/or wine

2. Local or regional cheese

3. Fresh baked bread typical to that area

4. Local fish, fruit, and/or vegetable that we may not have ever tried or don't have at home

5. A local treat, like a pastry, chocolate, or candy that is unique to that area

How about you? Do you like to explore local markets or do you enjoy eating out for most meals? What items do you look for when you visit a local market while traveling?

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