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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

10 Travel-Inspired Date Night Ideas

When you love to travel, it permeates every fiber of your being. When you're lucky enough to have a partner who loves to travel as much as you do, feeding the wanderlust is a daily event. 

Looking to add some travel-inspired date nights to your cache of good ideas? 

Pin this for future reference. 

  1. Choose a different restaurant featuring cuisine from around the world. 
  2. Watch a foreign film from a country you want to visit or a film featuring that location. 
  3. Take a foreign language course from a local community college and download the free DuoLingo app to practice with a meal out at that country's restaurant. Try to speak only that language. 
  4. Be a tourist in your own town; find out what your town is known for and enjoy that. 
  5. Spend a weekend in your state or provincial capital city. 
  6. Cook themed dinners; choose a different country each month. Listen to a Pandora channel from that style of music. 
  7. Take a cooking class from a country you want to visit. 
  8. Take a road trip. Drive out a reasonable distance and meander back on the state roads instead of the interstate.  Stop at a cafe or local shop on the way home. Pick up a collectible
  9. Take a photo walking tour and see an area through a different lens. 
  10. Peruse the travel section of the bookstore; choose a new memoir to read or plan your next vacation. 
BONUS: Use your travel collectibles and mementos to create decor for your home. 

What's your best idea for a travel-inspired date? Inspire me. 


  1. Oh I love these ideas. I love to travel and bringing those moments back in a completely different way would be so fun and romantic.

  2. Husband and I love to travel. When we are feeling restless between trips, I enjoy putting on a themed evening. Meals, music, movies from/about a destination.