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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reverse Advent Calendar: 10 Ideas

For many, Advent is a time of preparation. It's a time marked by an awareness of one's blessings and an empathy for those less fortunate. 

As Advent calendars build excitement of what's to come, a reverse Advent calendar can bring similar excitement in knowing you made a difference in the lives of others. 

Here are some ideas for your own reverse Advent calendar. 

  • one food item or more per day or one food category per week to donate
  • one dollar or more per day
  • one closet item purge per day for donation or one clothing donation per week, like socks or outerwear.  
  • one hour of service per week
  • one toy per week
  • one book per week to a school, cancer treatment center, nursing home, local library
  • one care bag to local homeless outreach (socks, personal care items, toys, towels)
  • one bag of pet food per week to a local shelter
  • one pay-it-forward per week; for example, someone's coffee in the drive-through
  • Determine a pre-set amount and pay toward or pay-off someone's holiday layaway.

Have you ever done a reverse Advent calendar or holiday service project? What was your experience?

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