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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Five Years Ago in Paris..I said YES!

This time of the year provides the SeƱor and me with plenty of time to reflect on the wonderful life we have and the amazing places we have been and seen together. 

One of the places that will always be extraordinarily special to us is Paris. 

It was five years ago today that my sweet husband asked me to be his wife, and so today, I remember Paris, the City of Lights and our forever City of Love. 

Before they cut the locks off the Le Pont des Arts bridge, we had our own lock. 

Amor para siempre...Love for always

It was a perfect moment. 

But he didn't ask me. 

As we explored what is thought by many to be the most romantic city in the world, I thought about the journey our own relationship had taken over the last four and a half years and wondered where it would take us next.

And then, on our last morning in Paris, as we looked for a place for coffee on our way to the airport, we found a little cafe in a little street market lined with cobblestones and tasty treats.

Over cafe au laits and croissants, he asked me to be his wife, in his own sweet, quirky way. 

And like every romantic cliche, I said YES! 

And with all my heart, I still say YES, each and every day.

Amor para siempre, indeed. 


  1. Well I'm happy my phone wouldn't cooperate in commenting the other evening Kelly, because I got to read this beautiful post yet another time! Such a tender touching story on your engagement adventure. Wishing you and the Senor much continued happiness! Happy 5 year Engagement!