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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Discovering Your Why: Freedom Plan Blog Challenge...Day 2

What is on your Someday, I will.. list?

What gives you the fire of excitement in your belly?  

What makes you smile just thinking about it?

Why do you want to achieve the stuff of vision boards and push goals?

What is your why? What is the purpose for wanting what you want?

This is the focus of Day 2 of the Natalie Sisson Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

For me, the line between why and results was blurred, until I started this exercise and really began asking questions about why and how. 

Is travel and exploration my why, or is it a result? 

Is freedom to make my own choices and live life on my own terms my why, or is it a result?

And after round after round of something akin to the chicken or the egg scenario, voila...the blur became clear. 

For me, life by design is my why and location independence is my how. 

Life by design allows me the freedom to pursue my passions and hobbies. 

It allows me the freedom to explore curiosities and ask questions and find out more information. 

For me, my by design can be achieved by my how...location independence. 

My why is clear. My how is clear. 

How to achieve the how is what must come next. 

Do you know your why? What drives you? 

It's not too late to participate in this free Freedom Plan Blog ChallengeSign up here

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  1. Hi Kelly, oh goodness, having trouble commenting again, and couldn't get Alex off the choice of commenting options. So sorry on my delay. Loved your Post and couldn't help but feel as if the wanderlust and your excitement to make something special happen hasn't grabbed you even more after this last trip! I so admire your determination! Good Luck in your 10 Day Freedom Plan and I look forward to reading all that transpires! Big Hugs, Peggy