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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Exploring the Megalithic Dolmen de Axeitos

While vacationing in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, we ventured out to explore the south of A Coruña's province, driving along the Ria de Arousa, in the municipality of Riviera. 

The Señor planned a lovely day for us and on our way home, we stopped here, at the Dolmen of Axeitos. 

The Dolmen of Axeitos is a prehistoric megalithic tomb dating back to 3,600-4,000 BCE, thought to have been erected in the Neolithic Era. 

It remains unclear as to how dolmens were made; the oldest dolmens date back 7,000 years. While they are regarded as tombs, there is no evidence to this fact, and archaeologists cannot prove exactly when, why, or by whom they were made. 

While not a destination site on its own, the Dolmen of Axeitos was a lovely surprise on our midweek day trip.  


  1. Hi Kelly! Fascinating. Love learning about these interesting historical places.

    1. Sometimes we forget how young the United States is as a country. A place like Spain is a living museum. It is fascinating. Hugs and love...