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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This over That: The A to Z Edition

Thanks to Lauren at Oh Hey! I Like That! for the fun post idea. 

If given the option, I would choose...

Avocados over mayonnaise 

Big Bang Theory over Modern Family

Coffee houses over Starbucks

David Banner over Bruce Banner

Experiences over stuff

Flying over cruising

Google over Bing even still a thing?

Hydrangeas over roses

Independent travel over group tours

Journaling over Snapchatting 

Ketchup over mustard

Little House on the Prairie over The Waltons

Matinees over movies at night

New Year's Day over Halloween

Ocean towns over mountain towns

Podcasts over drive-time radio

Quest Bars over Kind Bars

Rain over snow

Shelters over breeders

Traveling over anything

Uniform over wondering what to wear

Vineyards over breweries

Weights over cardio

Xenodochium over sleeping outside

Yoga over CrossFit

Zucchini over green beans

How about you? What are some of your this over that items? If you do a similar post, please tag me so I can learn more about you. 


  1. Love the Big 'Your Turn' at the bottom, cracked me up. Avocados, experience, hydrangeas, independent travel, matinees (no movies on nice days) Ocean Towns over Mountain Towns, most definitely.

  2. uniforms over other dresses ??!! hahaha saves us from the mess we create trying out dresses, everytime we step out...