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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls Massachusetts: A New England Gem

Located in the small, quiet western Massachusetts town of Shelburne Falls, the Bridge of Flowers is the place for a lovely stroll on a weekend afternoon. 

Bought in 1908 and once used as a way to transport freight and people to the nearby mills, the former trolley bridge, which crosses the Deerfield River, sat in decay after the automobile boom provided transport that exceeded the small railway company's capacity to compete. 

In 1929, the bridge was covered with weeds, but could not be demolished because it contained an important water main, so it was rescued and transformed into a garden by the town's Women's Club. And thus began The Bridge of Flowers. 

There is much to see along the arched footbridge. 

The flowers are identified and provide wonderful inspiration for at home landscapes. 

If you stroll the downtown, you will learn that the film, Labor Day, was filmed here. 

As well as The Judge

On the afternoon we were there, we stopped in for a coffee at Mocha Maya's, a coffee shop, pub, and live music venue. 

And peeked at the glacial potholes of the Deerfield River. 

Shelburne Falls and the Bridge of Flowers provided a perfect place to explore on a Sunday afternoon. If you are ever in the area, consider this downtown stroll. The Bridge is open from April to October. 


  1. I love living in Austin but I really really really miss my East Coast walks during the fall.

  2. Hi Kelly, looks like a truly beautiful and interesting place, peaceful too. Nice day out!

  3. What a beautiful place! I would love to stop and while away an afternoon there.

  4. What a nice place to have a nice stroll. Beautiful flowers!

  5. It's perfect for just that. Sip a coffee outside with a book on a nice fall day and wander the bridge for whatever is left in bloom. Perfect small New England town.

  6. It's a perfect small New England town. The flowers are spectacular, especially in the spring and summer.

  7. It's a perfect small New England town. Sip a coffee outside with a book on a nice fall day and wander the bridge for whatever is left in bloom. The flowers are better in the spring and summer, but when we went, there were still quite a few lovely blooms left.

  8. I love New England. I am not fond of the winters at all, but the other three seasons tend to make up for it. Austin must be a lot of fun. Is it still a live music hotspot?