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Friday, August 28, 2015

By the Numbers

What are some of the numbers that are significant to your story? Thanks to Steph and Nicole for the fun post idea. Here are some of mine. 

531 - My age in months. 

5 - The time I usually wake up, on my alarm needed. 

7.5 - Hours of sleep that works best for me. 

19 - The day our anniversary. 

409 - Published posts here at A Lovely Life, Indeed. 

11 - Posts in draft form. 

1,820 - Number of Instagram photos in my gallery. 

2 - Number of times per week I meet with my trainer for strength training. 

17 - Years of teaching under my belt; starting #18 on Monday. 

108,768 - Miles on my car. 

7 - The day of my birthday month. 

10 - The age difference, in years, between my husband and me. 

3,112 miles to our home in Spain. 

5 - Most miles I ever ran in a road race. 

13.1-- Miles I hope to run in a road race one day. 

8 - The number of books I read while on vacation this summer in Spain. 

3 - Fun food-related classes I'm taking this fall...A Passion for Pumpkins, Thanksgiving... Everything but the Turkey, and Gifts from the Kitchen. 

43 - Storms of the 2004-2005 Hurricane Season in Florida. 

9 - Hurricanes that disrupted my school years with Hurricane Days out of school during that time period. After Wilma, I moved back up North and met my husband...a happy ending, indeed. 
Those are a few of my numbers. What are some the numbers that are significant to your story? 

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