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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lovely Seaside Charm in York Beach, Maine: Two Sisters Inn

My friend since grade school has enjoyed a lovely beach home in York Beach, Maine, for as long as I can remember. Her mom bought the house with her sister years ago, and it's a place her family uses in the summer; they rent it out for the rest of the year. 
I usually visit Two Sisters Inn every summer. It is a lovely retreat; not seaside, but at less than a half mile from Short Sands in York Beach, Maine and across the street from a full ocean view, it's a true beach house with an abundance of seaside charm. 

Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye and that give Two Sisters Inn its personality. 
I love this painting. I can feel the sun and the ocean breeze pouring through the window. 

Maine blueberries accent this sea-inspired wreath. 

Best napping couch, ever. 

There are nautical accessories in every room. 

Even in the bathroom

The mantel, over a working fireplace, is adorned with its own sea-inspired wreath.

Lighthouses are peppered throughout the house, in recognition 
of the iconic, Nubble Light, that sits less than a mile away. 

Even the cookie jar has nautical style. 

It is clear to see the sisters paid close attention to detail in decorating their summer retreat, down to the light switches. 

The back outside deck provides a great space for reading or enjoying a cup of coffee. 

Unless you prefer swinging under a mighty tree. 

Or sitting on the front deck, adorned with its own nautical and patriotic style. 

It's sad to think that her mom will be selling her share of the house in another year or so; she simply does not use it as much anymore now that my friend's dad has died. 

Nevertheless, Two Sisters Inn provided years of family fun and a quiet respite from the summertime beach mania of south coastal Maine. 

And it's a lovely place I have come to enjoy, full of memories of laughter, great food, and the best of friends. It is a lovely treat, indeed.


  1. It's really cute. They put in some great detail and fun decorative pieces that all add to the house's charm.

  2. It IS lovely! I can imagine the sweet summers you spent there!

  3. The seaside charm of the Two Sisters Inn is so lovely and it must be sad to pass it on. I hope the next owners will find as much pleasure and happy memories as those who enjoyed it so much before. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. What a charming place and the decor just screams Maine.

  5. Beautiful place. My Mother-in-Law is actually from York and we spent a magical summer up there a few years ago. It's truly a special town.

  6. How gorgeous! I love the feminine yet nautical detailing and the seaside charm. Thank you for sharing this slice of serenity

  7. It looks so nice and relaxing! I love the beach theme.

  8. Beautiful. I love the decor!