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Monday, December 29, 2014

Dream it, do it; vision boards for 2015

From the archives...the original post appeared January 3, 2013. As I scour magazines for my 2015 board, I am reminded of the importance of recharging the vision. Cheers!

Like a hamster in a wheel, many of us travel through our days with the same schedule, broken up only by the errands of our weekends and the minute-by-minute activities of our limited vacation time. 

We do the best we can with what we have, but our batteries wear down. 

In the details of our day to day responsibilities, we begin to lose sight of our dreams; we nostalgically remember what once made us smile, and at those crazy times, it all seems like worlds away. 

So what do we do? How do we get it back? How do we recharge our batteries when it seems like all of our chargers are plugged in somewhere else? 

We re-group and we visualize. 

It's time for an arts and crafts project. 

Some rainy Sunday or maybe a quiet Tuesday night, clear off the kitchen table and channel your inner kindergartner. 

It's time to make yourself a vision board.

For this project, you need a big piece of paper. Poster board works well. You also need scissors and a glue stick. 

Scour your house for magazines. If you don't have magazines, you can ask your friends for theirs or you can ask the local doctor's or dentist's office. If you have access to a printer, you can also print images. 

What makes you smile? 
What do you want more of in your life? 
Where do you want to go? 
What do you want to do? 

  • Want to travel to Paris? Find yourself an Eiffel Tower (or some other Parisian icon).
  • Want to run a half marathon or get to a certain level of fitness? Find a picture of a runner with a physique that is appealing to you. 
  • Want a new car? Find your car of choice and paste it on the board.
  • Want to try kayaking? Add that too.
  • Want to get married? Find yourself a bride and groom. If you have someone in mind, add a picture of the two of you. 
  • Want to learn how to cook some fabulous new dishes from a certain cuisine or diet? You get the idea.

Arrange your images in any way you want. You can organize them by theme or in any way the spirit moves you. 

You can also add words and phrases. 

This is your board. 

Your vision. 

Anything goes. 

Now, find a place to put your vision board. It should be someplace where you can see it everyday. It should be in a place where you can ask the universe to deliver all that your heart desires.

And it should be in a place to give you the motivation to seek all that your heart desires. Don't leave it all up to the universe; give her a little help.

Try to update your vision board at least once a year. Keep those images of what still makes your heart pitter patter, and remove those images of dreams you may have outgrown.

Will creating a vision board rescue you from all of life's stress?

Probably not.

But can it recharge your batteries and give you what you need to get through another week? Another month? Another year?


Especially if those images start to become a reality.

What do you have to lose?

Happy dreaming!


  1. Love it! I've never made a vision board, but it might be something to try this year!

  2. They're fun to make and they're inspirational and motivational. Have fun with this, Rebecca. :-)

  3. It has been several years since I made a vision board. I think this would be a great year to revisit that practice. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Generation Above MeDecember 29, 2014 at 9:18 AM

    I do believe in the power of visualization. It's a great idea to commit a vision to paper in the form of a vision board. Thanks for describing the process. Happy New Year!

  5. I've never made a vision board. It always seemed like a waste of time. I may need to re-think this

  6. It's fun, and for me, very motivational. Put it somewhere where you can see it everyday. Have fun with it. :-) Happy New Year!

  7. I'm a visual person, so seeing pictures works for me. Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy New Year!

  8. Have fun, Tracie. Thank you so much for stopping by. Happy New Year!

  9. I love the quotes in your post Kelly! So motivating :)

  10. Great idea about the vision board, Kelly.

  11. I'm a huge fan of vision boards. Love love love making 'em!

  12. I love this Kelly!! I see everyone making vision boards and this year I wanted to try making one but I wasn't sure where to start. Recently I have an empty shadow box and I was hoping I could transform it into my vision board this year. :)

  13. I think I know what I'm doing this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelly ;-)


  14. Funny, I have a vision board right on my PC...they are called Stickies..which are like post it notes but much better than the standard ones you get with windows. I love posting my wants, to do lists, etc. on them. Dream large I say!

  15. Fairytales & FitnessDecember 29, 2014 at 7:06 PM

    I love that saying! Of course I am a Walt Disney!

  16. I don't think I have ever done a vision board. Great idea!

  17. I remember watching about vision boards in the movie 'The secret'. Will definitely try making one this year ! Happy 2015 Kelly ! Have a wonderful year !

  18. Lovely post! I am totally interested in creating a vision board for 2015! Hopefully I can get my boyfriend to help me out with this one. :)

  19. Oh this sounds fun! I wanna make one!

  20. I do too, Carol. Have fun with yours. :-) Happy New Year!

  21. Anything is possible, Jazmine. Make it yours. Have fun with this project and please post a picture. :-) Happy New Year!

  22. So much fun! Enjoy. :-) Happy New Year, Alicia!

  23. Dream big or go home, right, Carolann? I agree. Have fun dreaming for 2015. Happy New Year!

  24. And he did it, didn't he! Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by!

  25. It's a lot of fun. Put it somewhere you will see it everyday. Happy New Year!

  26. Happy New Year, Divya. Enjoy the process. Cheers!

  27. So much fun! You each can do one and then do a couple one. Happy New Year!

  28. It's a lot of fun. Enjoy. Happy New Year, Jayme!

  29. You as well! Have a happy and healthy one! As the Anglo-Saxon holiday revelers said when wishing good cheer “Wes Hal!”—Be Whole! :)

  30. I made one last year that pleased me greatly...I'm not "there" yet, but on my way, for sure.

  31. Every step is progress. Happy New Year, Fawn! Thank you for stopping by!

  32. Love this idea. Can't wait to get started on one to inspire the growth of my blog!

  33. That's great, Amanda. Think about the different areas in which you hope to see growth. Dream big! Please send me a link or photo...I'd love to see it! :-)