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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Small Treats

I saw this quote in a magazine recently, and it immediately caught my eye because of its simple truth. 

We all have the big things in our lives that bring us happiness, like 
our career or a major accomplishment we've achieved, like finishing a degree or running a 5k or losing x pounds.

But what happens when we only remember the big things? 

What happens to the little moments, perhaps seemingly insignificant at the time, but those that, when you stop to think about them, make you smile?

What are the continuous small treats in your life? 

For me, they come in all directions and at times. 

Here's just a sampling:

  • Hearing a song on the radio that reminds me of that time when . . . 
  • Chocolate . . . 'nuff said.
  • Time "in the nook" under my husband's arm, snuggled in on the couch. 
  • My Keurig, which makes the loveliest cup of coffee in the whole world. Well, in my zip code anyway.

In my house, anyway. 

  • The privilege of having friends with whom I can reconnect, as if no time has passed between visits.
  • The victory of remembering how to say something correctly in Spanish that I may have not remembered how to say the day before. 

  • Exploring the travel section of the bookstore with my husband, feeding our mutual wanderlust, and planning our next big adventure.
  • The  excitement, pride, and love I feel with my niece. 
  • Nailing an especially tough workout with my trainer at the gym.

  • The look in my students' eyes when they "get" it.
  • The nights I get to visit with my mom and dad "just because."

  • The pleasure of dinner time with my husband, and reconnecting after our day apart. 
  • The excitement of planning and cooking a special meal for my husband, family or friends. 

  • Holding hands with my husband, our fingers intermingled.

There are so many small treats, that I could go on for pages. Each moment makes me smile and reminds me of how blessed I am.

Every day is not full of puppies and rainbows. But every day does offer at least one moment that may be a small treat. 

If we continue to remember the little things, then it matters not how much time lapses between the big things, because it's the little things that will sustain us. 

And when we celebrate the little things every day, despite our daily challenges, we can't help but remember that we have been blessed in so many ways. 

I know I have. 

What are your favorite small treats?


  1. I love this! It is so great to acknowledge the small things that bring us smiles and love and happiness!

  2. Thanks for a great reminder to remember the little things! They go by unnoticed too often. One of my small things is chocolate :)

  3. This is so beautiful. I love that you shared these moments with us. I also love lists like these. :)

  4. I love appreciating the little things. I try to do it each day and always love hearing how others love the little things in life too. We are truly blessed and it's so heartwarming to see your list. Loved it!

  5. It really is the little things Kelly! Great list.

    Some of mine are
    -perfectly timing something
    -hitting all the green lights
    -loving a new nail polish on as much as in the bottle
    -seeing a great sky on the way to or from work
    -fresh air

  6. Thank you for sharing, it's these little things that can make all the difference in life.

  7. It's so important to remember the little things. I agree with you on chocolate and coffee! They're instant pick-me-ups for me. Also, laughter. The very best medicine!

  8. I think all the small things are my favorite. A book to read on a lazy morning with coffee in hand. Time with my family, including my adorable nieces. Time with friends that keep me laughing.

  9. My little things are a good cup of french pressed coffee in the morning. Time on my porch, reading the Bible, cooking for my loved one. Reading a GREAT book. Etc.

  10. This is lovely! I have been trying to do the same, look for the gems in everyday rather than waiting for big exciting things to happen :) xx

  11. This is a fantastic post Kelly! The big moments are wonderful, but the small treats in life bring immeasurable joy.

    Things like snuggling with my husband for the last few minutes before getting out of bed or holding a steamy cup of coffee on a snowy day are some of the best things in life.