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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow day! 5 essentials for a lovely winter day.

We had a snow day today.

Now, if you know me in real life, you know that I much prefer pool days to snow days. As a teacher, keeping my eye on the June prize is what keeps me going through the cold, winter months.

And in New England, winter often seems like many months longer than need be.

What made today an exceptional snow day was the serendipity of it all... and appreciating it for the gift that it was.

Had Mother Nature not gifted us with this mid-winter respite, here are 5 things I would ask for.  

1. My husband. As luck would have it, he had already requested a day off for some long awaited dental work. The snow storm cancelled the dental work, and he still had the day off. Extra time for us. A win-win, and the best snow day I've ever had.

2. Hot food on the stove. My mother-in-law is a great cook. She can make magic with the simplest ingredients. In winter, we eat a lot of stew...guiso, she calls it. It's hot, it's healthy, and it's what we crave when the temperatures are low or the flakes begin to fly. And it's what sustained us in this storm. And plenty of k-cups to quell the chill.

3. Streaming tv and plenty to read. We have a Roku, which affords us the luxury of Netflix and Hulu streaming, along with a myriad of other channels. Whether it's a thought provoking documentary or old school Incredible Hulk, snuggling up with a blanket offers a grand escape. And, a snow day provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on a stack of magazines, continue with a book that has fallen by the wayside, or use the Internet to plan a warm weather escape...or at least feed the wanderlust.

4. Baking. Snow days are a good excuse to bake something sweet. Today's treat was chocolate chip cookies...sugar free, but yummy nonetheless. We also like to make homemade pizza when it's cold or snowy, but today, cookies were on el menu del dia.

5. Get outside and enjoy it for its beauty. Regardless of my distaste for winter's harsh temperatures and dormant foliage, I must admit that the winter wonderland outside our home is lovely.

All is quiet and still and it is the perfect excuse for a mid-afternoon stroll.

How about you? What would make up your perfect snow day?


  1. I was really hoping for a snow day but it didn't happen. Looks like you made the most of your day. Baking, stew, Netflix and K-cups would be on my list for a snow day too.

    1. Hi Kerry. We had the best day. It was a welcomed respite amid the craziness of this week. It's almost the weekend. I hope yours is grand. :-)

  2. I had a work from home day yesterday, and my husband's office closed for the snow. It was nice to have an unexpected day together. We made tacos for dinner & cleared some shows off the DVR. Neither of us missed our 1.5 hour (one way) commutes.

    1. That sounds wonderful. An unexpected day together is a wonderful gift...respite from the craziness of the week. It sounds like you and your husband made the best of it and enjoyed your midweek date night. No commute and some canoodling...a win-win. Thanks so much for visiting. :-)