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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Three questions that could change your day

At the end of the day, some of us collapse into bed, our minds swirling with to-do lists and angst over what may not have gotten done or done well. Some are riddled with worry over what's to come or focused on the void with what never came to be.

I like keeping things simple. I try to focus on what I can control, and what I can control is my thinking. When it seems like chaos surrounds me, the best choice for me is to consider what I can do, plan, and go from there.

If nothing else, before you crash for the night, answer these three questions and see if it makes any difference in how your day ends and the next one begins.

1. What went well, or what did I do well today?
Focus on the positive and be grateful for something that went well because of you, or something with which the universe gifted you that day.

2. Is there anything I could have changed? 
If not, let it go and move on. Sometimes, the only thing you control is your reaction to the energy around you. You can't control others; only you.

If the answer is yes and maybe there was a better way, do it better next time. When you know better, you do better.

3. What's my plan for tomorrow?
Knowing your plan for the day gives you focus. You know what has to get done, generally speaking, and you hit the ground running. Meeting your goals is within reach.

Experiment. Ask yourself one, two, or all three of these questions. Sometimes gratitude for what we have in any given day, an understanding of our own power, and the focus on our own goals get lost in the minutia of the day or in the chaos of others. Maybe the answer to a good night's sleep is only three questions (and answers) away.

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  1. Those are great questions to ask everyday. Sometimes the days seem to merge together and this would be great for slowing it down and breaking it down.