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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pin It...10 Healthy Appetizer Ideas

Tis the season for holiday parties. If you're like me, you're usually trying to eat relatively well. While an occasional splurge is well worth it, I try to "save where I can" and that means saving calories on things I don't really care about, so that I can splurge on the high-cal items of my choosing.

If you like appetizers, but want some relatively healthy options, here are 10 easy, go-to ideas.

1. Caprese skewers--Skewer a cherry tomato with a mozzarella ball. Add part of a basil leaf and drizzle with a good, aged balsamic vinegar.

2. Melon wrapped in prosciutto

3. Shrimp cocktail. Soak in an ice bath "marinade" with a bay leaf, a quartered, squeezed lemon and lime, and a few peppercorns.

4. Hummus and veggies (mix up the hummus...white bean, black bean, traditional...up to you)

5. Roasted, seasoned chickpeas (savory or sweet)

6. Steamed edamame with sea salt

7. Guacamole with baked pita chips and/or veggies. Throw in some nuts for a little texture.

8. Deviled eggs--try mixing in a tiny bit of curry for a full-bodied flavor.

9. Crudite platter--try making your dip with Greek yogurt for extra protein.

10. Or Grinch kabobs...A green grape followed by slice of banana then strawberry and topped with a mini marshmallow, threaded on a toothpick.

Or keep it simple...fruit skewers with a dip of vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with honey and cinnamon.

What are your strategies for healthy eating during the holidays?



  1. Love your appetizer ideas. The santa/grinch ones are my favorite!

    1. Thanks, Winnie! Super easy and fun. Happy holidays!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tiffany. I love having easy, go-to ideas. Happy holidays and thanks for visiting! Cheers!

  3. Love these appetizer ideas. Can't wait to try the caprese skewers.

    xo. Franchesca

    1. Thanks so much, Franchesca! I love caprese, whether on skewers, on a plate or in a sandwich. The flavors mix so well. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting and happy holidays!

  4. Love the shrimp cocktail idea! I normally just serve it up from the ice with no seasoning. Going to try this Tuesday!

    1. Hi Karen! Happy holidays, and thanks for stopping by! Let me know how you like the shrimp. :-) Cheers!