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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One New Thing

Bucket lists can be overwhelming. When you stop and look at all of the things you hope to accomplish, it seems like one lifetime could never be enough.

To-do lists can be similarly daunting.

If prioritizing your lists and desires for memorable experiences becomes paralyzing, consider this...try one new thing.

Chunk your year. For some, a monthly activity is reasonable and for others, quarterly fits the bill. Regardless of the time frame, find something, anything, that is just for you. One new thing that you can add to your repertoire.

Maybe it's a new book. Or a new recipe. A new restaurant or a new movie.

A new date night, or a new walking regimen.

Whatever it is, adding one thing that is just for you may give you a sense of accomplishment and renewal to carry you through a tough week, a tough month or simply, a tough spot.

Give it a shot...even if it's one new thing a year, it's yours. You're worth it.



  1. I liked your post. Good advice. Melissa

  2. I get overwhelmed by my bucketlist. You have a good idea. I just try to do one thing a month. If I can fit more in, I do. :) Good post!

    1. Thanks, Holley! I get overwhelmed too...sometimes to the point of no action. Focusing on one thing was helpful to me; I'm happy to hear for you too. :-) Thanks for your comments.