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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Be nice...

You wouldn't let someone assault someone you love, like a child, a partner or spouse, or your best friend.

Why do some of us allow ourselves to be bullied by the one person who should love us most?


Whether or not we choose to admit it, we hear those words. Those thoughts are like mental woodpeckers...pecking away at our self confidence, our self esteem, our heart and soul.

We undermine our strength, sabotage our efforts, contaminate our joy, and corrode our peace.

Be someone's hero...yours. Don't be bullied.

Speak to yourself like you would someone you love...someone you adore.

Enough is enough.

You're worth it.

Believe it.



  1. So important yet so difficult to do! Baby steps..

    1. Kathleen, you are so right. But it's so important. We are our own harshest critics...why is that? Thanks so much for stopping by and for your feedback. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. So true, Annie, and so necessary. I find that the blame game is simply not fair. Some things are out of our control and at some point, we have to find peace...what's the alternative? Thanks so much for stopping by and for your feedback. :-)