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Monday, September 16, 2013


Run a marathon? A half? a 5 or 10k?
Turn that hobby into a career?
Tell that person how you really feel, for better or for worse?
Learn a new skill?
Take that trip you've always wanted?

And what if you did fail....

Then what?

Worst case scenario? What is yours?

And then what? As scary as it sounds, life is not over.

You rebuild.

It will be hard. It will test everything you have. But in the end, you have to decide whether you're okay with settling for what you have, or risking it all for what you want.

Change the paradigm...see failure as opportunity...a chance to rebuild, to start fresh, or make something stronger. Failure can buy you freedom from success in something you tolerate. A chance to claim what fuels your fire.

Life will almost always go on. Wealth can be regained. Time? Never.

What are you waiting for? The time may never be right. But then again, rarely is the timing right when the universe decides our time is up.

Don't let a fear of failure or uncertainty stop you.



  1. hmmm if I could not fail??? I don't know! That's something to think about...

    1. It really is...what would you do? It's not too late. :-) Thanks for stopping by, Rachel.

  2. Good post. And really is some powerful words. Makes one think. I'm not sure what I wouldn't do if I knew I couldn't fail. But I've been on the low part of a totem pole for a few years now and I can assure you that you just have to keep pushing forward when failure happens.

    Stopping by via the weekend wander hop.

    1. Thanks, is powerful for me too because it puts the power back in my lap. I control my choices...for better or worse.