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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Where would your trip take you?


  1. Hi Kelly!

    I just found you :)

    Ooooo if I could go anywhere... I'd pick Switzerland... and I have no doubt that I'd have the time of my life... second would be New York City-- there's something about that city that I just love!

    Cute blog~ Glad I found you!

  2. My next trip will be Czech Republic in August... can't wait.

  3. I just got back from Paris, but my wanderlust senses are buzzing for Brazil.

  4. I have loved that quote for a while, it is perfect for how I view traveling and life. :)

  5. Love that quote and that photo! I'm always wanderlusting. I just returned from France and England but I'm always lusting for somewhere, even if it's somewhere local I've never been before!
    Ps. Stopping by from the Northeast Weekend Wander <3
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin