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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5-Minute Bad Day Fix

We all have them...those days that leave you longing for retreat under a blanket fort. At times, they can seem overwhelming, but there's a quick fix that can provide respite from the passing chaos.

Be thankful.

It's that easy and it takes less than five minutes. Stop what you're doing and think of five blessings in your life.

I won't list mine because everyone has different blessings. They may be similar, but if they're not shared, and you're reading someone else's gratitude list, you could be sucked down the comparison rabbit hole.

Don't. Go. There.

If you're life is really not going as you had planned right now, a gratitude list may be hard to come by, but start at ground zero. If you're reading this, you're already blessed with technology that many people around the world cannot access. Whether you see technology as a blessing, or a curse, or a blend of both is up to you. Nevertheless, it's there.

And don't save the gratitude for the bad days. Start or end each day with thankfulness. It doesn't take long and once you realize and give thanks for what you do have, it can provide hope and inspiration for brighter days to come.

So, go for it. You have the bad day fix. Be thankful. And pass it on.

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