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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love Notes

Some guys take the newspaper. Others may whistle. My husband describes his morning "routine" in the bathroom as writing a letter to his least favorite politician. "I'm off to write a letter to x," he playfully announces.

Now, hear me out, because I know this will sound strange.

Capitalizing on the letters motif, what about a morning love letter?

StoryCorps did a sweet, animated short about a couple who reminisced about their life together during the husband's final days with terminal cancer. During the broadcast, Danny and Annie spoke of Danny's morning weather reports, a way for them to romantically connect each morning before the busyness of the day sent them each on their own way.

What about a notebook where you could write a line or two to the one you love?

Teachers use these interactive notebooks to communicate with students during independent reading.

What if you began a similar notebook, but instead of weather reports or book updates, you wrote about the reasons why you love each other? The reasons why you are grateful to have each other in your life? The hopes and dreams you have for each other in your lives?

The bathroom may not be the most sanitary of storage places, but it is one common area you're guaranteed to visit alone at some point in your day.

You could build off each other or leave playful, intimate flirtations and invitations for fun later in your day.

Whether you write once a week or once a day, an interactive notebook is a fun way to connect. Sometimes written words come easier than spoken ones. Nevertheless, it provides another way to connect and show your love just how much he or she means to you.

Un beso...



  1. I think this idea is a wonderful one! I'm going to bring it up to my boyfriend tonight. Thanks!

  2. Oh my gosh, that video is so cool! How in the world have I missed that for the past 3 years?? Feel free to post more of those I may have missed :). And your interactive note idea - very cool! Thank you so much for linking up, Kelly, so I'd stop by and check out this post. So glad I did.