Monday, November 20, 2017

Earn 1000 Marriott Points with One Tweet

This weekend, I went to Chicago and attended Frequent Traveler University, a symposium of experts in the miles and points game. Workshops on everything from redemption programs to manufactured spending gave attendees tips and tricks to make everyday spending work for their practical and aspirational travel goals. 

One thing I didn't know was just how easy it is to accumulate points, both airline and hotel points when you're part of a loyalty program. For example, Marriott is running a promotion right now with the NFL called Extra Points Sunday. 

All you have to do is connect your Marriott account to your Twitter account before you play and reply to a question that's posted each week. 

Tweet your response with the hashtag #RewardsPoints and you will earn 1,000 points each week of the promotion. Questions are posted on Sundays and you have until 8:00 p.m. Eastern to answer. 

With points averaging about $.09/point, you're not going earn a free night, but every point counts. Earning $9 for a few minutes work is not bad at all. 

Happy tweeting!

I'm new to the miles and points game...any tips or tricks that worked for you? Please share in the comments. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Only a Kiss? Hardly. Guillermo Calderón's Kiss in Boston

We love to go into Boston for various events and when we saw that Goldstar was offering tickets to Guillermo Calderón's play, Kiss, it seemed like a great opportunity to see the Chilean playwright's socio-political drama. 

Kiss, Calderón's first play in English, is about two couples who meet for dinner in Damascus, seeking respite from the war around them. The couples plan to watch their favorite Syrian soap opera, but things change rapidly. This play-within-a play touches on cultural and linguistic misinterpretations and the implications of those misinterpretations.  

If you're in the Boston area, Kiss is running through November 19th. Tickets are available at the box office and through Goldstar, a discount ticket service operating in major metropolitan cities around the United States. 


Friday, November 10, 2017

Flying through November...Literally

November is a great month for travel. It's considered off-season or shoulder season in many destinations and you can get great deals. The drawback? Throngs of travelers in the airport security line and on the road. 

November is flying for me...literally. This month, I am lucky to be traveling nearly every week and this is bliss to my nomadic soul. It's not for everyone, but for me, I'm almost giddy. 

Last weekend, I was in Miami, connecting with friends and co-workers, eating the most delicious Cuban food at Versailles, the most iconic Cuban restaurant on Calle Ocho... 

And later, savoring sunset (and a tasty frozen concoction) in Islamorada, in the Florida Keys. 

My TSA Pre-Check that comes with Global Entry, by the way, was worth its weight in gold in getting through the security line at MIA. While it doesn't help with international departures, it saves SO much time with domestic travel and when you're in international arrivals, the Global Entry program is a huge time saver as well. Just do it. Here's how

Next weekend, it's all about travel hacking as I join my friend and fellow WITS-er, Mona, in Chicago at Frequent Traveler University

The speaker line-up is impressive. From Tiffany Funk to Chris Guillebeau, there are speakers who will be offering their best in earning and redeeming miles and points to make every traveler's wish list a reality. It has been a few years since Mona and I caught up face-to-face, so this will be a real treat. 

And then, for Thanksgiving, we are crossing the Pond and spending the week in London. 

Despite traveling domestically for years and afflicted with wanderlust for a lifetime, London was my first experience with international solo travel. I haven't been there since 2009 and this will be our first time together, but we're ready. 

My husband wants a beer at Ye Olde Mitre Inn, I want to explore what's new at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and of course, we're hoping to score great seats at a show in the West End, like in 2009, when I got second row pit seat for Les Miserables. 

So, my friends, I will see you on the other side of November. What's new with you? How is your month going? 

Happy Thanksgiving!