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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Getting Reaquainted

Welcome back!

I have my coffee and if you're new here, welcome. 

A little about me...
  • I'm Kelly. I'm a happily married Gen-Xer and dog-mom to a pup named Gracie. 
  • I'm punctual, politically liberal, and always ready for a road trip or adventure, domestic and abroad.
  • I'm an introvert with a deep sense of empathy, and at times, I struggle with anxiety. 
  • I love to read, and I gravitate toward nonfiction, but I also love a good story. 
  • I'm highly sensitive to just about everything, and as a result, my filter bubble is strong.
  • I'm blessed to say I have my dream job as a full time virtual high school teacher; I would do this forever. 

This or that?
  • Spring over fall and summer over winter.
  • Early morning over late night, but sunset over sunrise.
  • Coffee over tea and wine over beer, but water overall.
  • Hot coffee over iced coffee, but iced tea over hot tea.
  • Tacos over burgers
  • Crispy thin crust pizza over deep dish 
  • Facebook over Twitter, but Instagram over Facebook
  • Netflix over YouTube
  • Weights over cardio
  • iOS over Android and Mac over PC
  • FaceTime over phone calls
  • Cake over pie and vanilla cake over chocolate cake
  • Hiking over jogging
  • Experiences over stuff

Some of my faves
Sunny days, fresh sheets, date nights, leftovers, snuggling with my pup, acoustic guitar, time with my niece, a clean car, road trips, list-making, goal setting, weekends, people watching, shoulder season travel, airports, GNOs, Sunday coffee dates, opening the windows in the house and airing it out, fireplaces, New Year's Day. 

Just nope
Haricot vert, dishonesty, mean-spiritedness, food waste...any waste, apathy, injustice, intolerance. 

Where to now?
To be honest, I'm not sure. The benefit of being niche-less and unaffiliated to any company or agency is that there are no rules. I'm sure there will be days when I share some of my favorite finds and reads and other days I will share where we've been and where we plan to go. And some days, I may simply write for writing's sake. 

It feels good to be writing again. Tell me more about you. Are you a blogger? From where in the world are you reading? What are some of your favorite things?

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