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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adventures in Car Shopping: Meet Blanche

Anyone that knows me knows that having too many choices stresses me out. So when it came time to replace my car, the task became nearly paralyzing.

For my husband, on the other hand, the Consumer Reports guy who would happily spend hours pouring over options on, the task of finding me a car became an entertaining quest to find the best deal on the best car. 

It began with weekend drives. 

What cars catch your eye, he would ask?

I don't know that I ever pointed out a car and thought, gee, that's cute. My husband, though, can pick out makes, models, years, and body re-designs and tell you what each was rated in nearly every category.

Where I saw too many choices, my husband saw options. 

Every time I thought we had narrowed it down to one or two models, he threw in another option. 

"I just want you to be happy," he said. 

How can I argue with that? He's a love.

When we had finally decided on a make and model, he found a car at a nearby dealership. We agreed that we would get up early, go for breakfast, and, if it was the right deal, sign on the dotted line. 

And so we did. 

We got up early and were prepping to leave. Just before leaving for the dealership, he said, "I don't want to confuse you, but take a look at this." 

In my mind, I was back in our wild goose chase. 

As it turned out, the car we wanted sold, and our plan B at the same dealership turned out to be a bust. 

The wildcard he threw in at the last minute turned out to be the one we bought. 

Meet Blanche.

In New England, where we live, where nearly every street is a significant hill, all-wheel drive is a must. He found us a good car to replace mine, and I am grateful. This 2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring has great reviews, she's certified, still under warranty, and super cute. 

I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. I will never like car shopping, but knowing I have the best and most knowledgeable shopper on my side makes all the difference. 

Here's to wonderful memories and many thousands of safe happy miles in our new car. 


  1. Enjoy your new car! We're going to need a new car at some point in the next couple years before we have another child. I'm going to leave it up to my husband to figure out which one to get, though we have talked about getting a Subaru next.

  2. I hate car shopping! I don't even do it anymore. I usually send MFD. Or I go, drive the car, then send him to do the pain in the butt stuff. LOL. I love Blanche, she's super cute. Wishing you safe days and many miles of travel and wandering in her!

  3. Great choice! Our good friend manages a Mazda dealership and we will be looking there for our next car.

  4. My last car was 2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring in blue! It's a really great car, I hope you like Blanche! I also love that you named it.

  5. Congrats on the new car. All wheel drive is a great feature!!

  6. Lovely car Kelly, I can just see you in it! Best of Luck with it and Happy Driving too.
    PS: never much thought about too many choices stressing me out, but I think I'm sort of like that too! Love how you always have these poignant thoughts!

  7. Thanks, Peggy. I definitely do better with fewer choices. Having too many stops me in my tracks. Hope all is well. :-)

  8. Thanks, Kerry. AWD is almost non-negotiable around here. And when I have a snow day, it's reassuring knowing my husband can take the car and commute safely.

  9. The CX-5 gets consistently good reviews. Why did you get rid of yours, Rachel? I'm looking forward to many miles and great road trip memories.

  10. The new CX-3 is adorable! Mazda is going to do some major damage to the Toyota and Honda share, I think. We love our 5. Happy shopping, Sharon!

  11. I was lucky in that he did the heavy lifting. He filtered through the cars and showed me the ones he thought I would like. Here's to fabulous road trips and thousands of happy miles. Thanks, Steph!

  12. Thanks, Bev. We looked at Subarus. The Outback was the first car we wanted. We test drove the CrossTrek, but didn't like the inside. Subarus get great reviews overall, though. Happy shopping!

  13. Congrats on the new car!!! Perfect for NE winters! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  14. Yay for a new car! I love it! And even though the first two choices ended up not working out it seems like you got a great car! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  15. It was a very strange situation and difficult decision to switch off the CX-5. The Mazda dealership sent me a letter in the mail offering to buy out the remainder of my lease, I guess there was high demand for low-mileage used CX-5s.
    That came at the same time that my office relocated downtown, forcing me into stop and go traffic, so I let them buy back my CX-5 so I could get an electric car, which reduced our gasoline spending by 60% with my new commute.

  16. It gets good reviews in Consumer Reports, so we'll see. So far, so good. :-)