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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Netflix Tag

Thanks to Ami Rose for this fun idea. 

I love Netflix. For me, it started as a one-disk-at-a-time subscription service. Now, it has turned into an opportunity for me to watch thought provoking documentaries, revisit old childhood favorites, and see what everyone is talking about when it comes to the latest and greatest that the tv and film industry has to offer. 

This tag is a fun way to get to know one another and I tag these fabulous ladies: 

All Time Favorites
My all time favorites tend to be my current favorites, but some old school favorites would be The Incredible Hulk...the old school one with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, and Dragnet, with Jack Webb. It used to be on a retro tv channel before The Hulk and I ended up liking it, so it's fun to see the episodes I never saw. 

Netflix is also where I discovered Scandal and Orange is the New Black....both of which I have watched in their entirety and eagerly await with each new season. 

I know Friends has been added recently, but I see that often enough on regular tv, I never feel the need to stream it.

Current Addiction
My current addiction is Dexter...creepy fun! I also love food and social issues documentaries...anything that challenges my thinking, like Food Inc. or Living on $1  

My husband is working through seasons of Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and The Borgias. 

And both of us watch earlier seasons of House Hunters surprise there. 

Wish List
I wish ER would come to Netflix; I loved that show! And if we didn't have HBO Go, I would add Sex and the City. Also, truth be told, I wouldn't mind The Brady Bunch or  even Little House on the Prairie for when I need to escape to a Walnut Grove state of mind.

My biggest net-peeve is the algorithm that Netflix uses to recommend they even know me? It just doesn't make sense.

Marathon Essentials
My marathon essentials are a warm blanket and soft, moldable pillow, plenty of drinks and snacks, and a good cuddle partner. 

You Should Watch
Based on what has been added recently, I would suggest the movie, Chef

Are you a Netflix fan? Please let me know of anything I should add to my 'Watch List'


  1. IM CURRENTLY LOOOOVING Friday NIght Lights!

  2. Ah! ER! Such a good show! Maybe I would actually use Netflix if that came on ;)

  3. Generation Above MeFebruary 5, 2015 at 9:01 AM

    I'm currently binge watching House MD on Netflix. Thanks for the preview of Chef. Looks good.

  4. Brad and I are watching 30 Rock right now, we're also anxiously awaiting the new season of Orange is the New Black! I like that Netflix offers original series and exclusive extra episodes (like with Arrested Development). Gilmore Girls is one of my personal favorites as well.

  5. They don't have nearly enough movies! I did binge watch Friday Night Lights, and White Collar recently which was good.

  6. Hi Kelly, this is my second time commenting, for some reason the Disqus keeps causing me a problem after writing my comment. Ugh. This has not been my tech week. My former jist, love your wrap- up, they are always terrific. I've seen so many great food movies on Netflix- Have you seen the 100 foot journey? Love it! Also, No reservations, and I think Haute Cuisine too. I can just see you and hubby loving House Hunters International!

  7. Hi Peggy! Sorry to hear of your tech problems. I LOVED the 100 Foot Journey! I watched it on the way home from Spain this summer. What a beautiful film. I have recommended it to everyone who will listen. :-) It reminded me of Chocolat. I have not seen Haute Cuisine, but No Reservations was fun. Have you seen Tortilla Soup? That one is fun too. And I have always loved Hector Elizondo, who plays a chef who has lost his sense of taste (and this three high maintenance adult daughters). Stay warm! It's a great night for your soup.

  8. You know, you're right. It is definitely TV heavy. I do love the documentaries though.

  9. That's a popular one. I should check it out. Thanks! :-)

  10. I loved ER...from day one. We use it because we don't have the DirecTV upstairs. So, when I watch tv up there, we use the Roku. I discover a lot that way.

  11. House is a good one. I have seen it on regular TV a few times. What a great character. My husband and I both loved Chef. Enjoy!

  12. So many people love 30 seems like a smart, well-written show. Tina Fey is great!

  13. I love this post Kelly! I'm definitely going to do one. Thanks for tagging me.

    I'm still working through House of Cards and the second season of The Fall. I love both.

    I used to do the discs, this is so much easier! I wish everything was available streaming.

  14. Hi Kelly, Yes, I have seen Tortilla Soup, and loved it, although I thought I was in some complete Deja Vu while viewing. Tortilla soup is practically, maybe even near identical version of the Chinese family (including subtitles) in: "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" a movie popular I think around the mid-eighties, we have it at home. There were some parts of Tortilla Soup that I actually liked better but then the Chinese version, earlier in its day, provided a back drop for a bit of tweaking, along with of course, adapting the story line into a whole new culture. Just goes to show you, no matter the culture, in so many ways, people are all the same.

  15. I loved Dexter! We also like The Killing, which I think Netflix picked up as one of their produced shows. I also recently binged watched Parenthood, which I thought was really good.