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Friday, January 10, 2014

Nesting...Surviving Winter's Harshest

Finally, we seem to be seeing our way out of the Polar Vortex.

Photo courtesy of Greg Laden's Blog

These past few days, I wished with all my heart that I could stay inside and marvel at the weather phenomena from the comfort of my pjs and a hot cup of coffee. But, off to work I went.

That got me thinking about things that I simply cannot live without in the winter (loving husband and a strong vitamin D supplement aside).

We all nest in our way...hunkering down and making things comfortable in our homes for our body, mind and soul.

What brings you comfort? What are your winter must-haves?

In no particular order, here are mine...

1. Hot beverage of choice. Whether it's vanilla chai, hot cocoa or a hot cup of joe, wrapping my cold hands around a warm, steaming mug makes me smile.

2. A warm blanket. My go to is a fleece my sweet niece made me a few years ago for Christmas. It's the perfect remedy for when the house has a chill or for when I am ready to snuggle in with a good book or favorite movie.

3. A stash of favorite movies. In the winter time, I pull out some of my favorite "chick flicks" like Love Actually or The Holiday or the first Sex and the City movie. I also love films that feed the wanderlust, like The Way or Eat, Pray, Love. And I love foodie films that push my thinking or that feed my eyes and not my belly, like Tortilla Soup or Chocolat.  And really...Johnny Depp? What's not to love?

4. Great soups. Some people think New Englanders have clam chowder running through their veins. In the winter time, it could be true. This is my favorite recipe. It's not as thick as some would like it, but the broth is rich and flavorful. And you could probably thicken it even more if you wanted to, with a good roux.

5. Thick socks and warm boots or slippers are non-negotiable. Cold feet? Cold everything.

6. Oversized wool sweaters that are big enough to layer as many long sleeves and thermals as you want underneath.

7. Warm fleece scarves. Like comfort food, warm scarves provide that extra layer of warmth and the softness of fleece is a welcomed bonus.

8. Baking. Whether it's cookies, brownies, pizza, bread or anything else your heart desires, baking not only sends an amazing aroma through the house, but it can also quell even the most carb-crazed sweet tooth. You can clean it up with recipe substitutions or go old-school and enjoy it in moderation.

9. Red wine + homemade pizza for two = Perfect. Date. Night.

10. Someplace to go. For those of us in the Northeast, winter can seem like an eternity...truly, a never-ending season. The remedy to cabin fever can be as simple as a weekend getaway or a vacation to someplace warm and tropical. Or embrace the season and go ice-skating or take a sleigh ride at a nearby farm. Winter can have its own magic, even if your idea of magic is a frosty beverage, sipped poolside.

Those are just some of the ways I nest in the winter.

What are your favorites?


  1. I love to snuggle up with a warm blanket, some hot chocolate, and a movie. Some thick warm socks are a must! Soup and/or baking is at the top of my list too!

    1. I think we New Englanders probably share most of the same winter coping mechanisms. :-) Stay warm! .

  2. Stopping over from the Weekend Block Party, and I am so glad I did! We are thawing out here in Chicago, too. So glad the temps have raised a bit! I have to say, my list of cold weather comforts would be so similar to yours! LOVE it! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!