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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Making Social Connections

It can be difficult to maintain connections outside our inner circle as long work days turn into nights spent catching up on chores that never seem to get accomplished.

While it's important to connect daily to those we cherish most, it's also important to connect to others outside the inner circle who share similar goals and challenges, similar circumstances or choices or similar interests and curiosities.

I had the wonderful opportunity last weekend to connect to some like minded folks and it went so well, that we all expressed interest in doing it again next weekend. Sitting around the table, we are all different people joined by a common thread; and it's that common thread that rejuvenates us and allow us to connect with people who "get it." We shared stories and successes and brainstormed solutions to challenges we face. We all left feeling empowered and connected.

Think about where you are in your own life, what you like to do, what you want to do. How can you network within those parameters to create connections and expand your social circle?

Maybe there's a meetup group tailored to your interest? Maybe there's a book club you can join or start that's geared toward your own interests and goals. Maybe you start a monthly coffee klatch of people who like to x, y, or z, or an accountability group to help you stay focused on your goals. Maybe there is a networking group to help you create professional connections.

It doesn't have to be strangers. Maybe there's someone with whom you've lost contact and with whom you would like to reconnect. Maybe you're the bridge to bring others together and potentially create lifelong friendships.

Reach out. Build bridges. That human connection is a win-win.

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  1. I agree - those human connections and relationships we have make life worth living.