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Friday, November 16, 2012

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups...Quest Protein's Cravings Line...My New Craving!

My favorite protein bar brand, Quest Protein Bars has launched a new line called Cravings, which, I think, is intended to be a replacement for the treats that those of us with a sweet tooth, may try to avoid. As of now, there are two:

The crunch bar alternative . . .

And the pb cup alternative . . .

They ran a special through Facebook and I was able to order a box of each prototype.

They are fabulous!

Both are incredibly rich and the flavors are very authentic. The cups are actually a bit too rich for me to eat both at once, but each flavor will be a welcomed alternative treat at the movies, or for when I just need want that bit of chocolaty decadence.

As of now, they have officially released only the cups. But the entire line of protein bars is fabulous! And they finally sell in stores. As per the website, they now are sold in GNC and in Vitamin Shoppe.

Thank you, Quest, for making protein such a tasty treat!

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